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About MuniFILINGS®

MuniFILINGS® is the largest and most comprehensive web accessible archive of municipal bond disclosure filings, standardized into searchable PDF files. This industry-leading service includes the newest filings on active issues, as well as historical records going back beyond 1990. These include final offering statements, amendments, escrow documents, continuing disclosure filings, financial statements and material event notices.

With a host of search options, online research can be conducted by virtually any parameter, including type of bond, state, issuer, date, type of filing, obligor and CUSIP. Any bond-specific search will return a list of all documents related to the issue.

MuniFILINGS® is the most efficient way to obtain municipal disclosure documents.

A note to individual investors who are researching bonds for their own portfolios:

DPC DATA sources the disclosure documents from various sources including the MSRB, issuers, and their agents. You will find complete and up-to-date documentation for any bond, as long as the issuer has complied with its filing requirements.

Occasionally, you will not find the scheduled secondary disclosure filings that you may expect to find, such as financial statements or material events in the years after the bond was first issued and before it is retired. This means that the filing documents have not been provided to us either directly or through the MSRB.

Secondary filings are scheduled according to covenants written in the original offering statement. If you own or are considering owning a bond that appears to be out of compliance with its disclosure covenants, this is a serious issue that you should discuss with your broker or financial advisor.

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