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The versions of Final Official Statements and Financials / Continuing Disclosures located at this Web site are single document ordering versions of the popular CD-ROM based products (formerly known as MuniIRIS & MuniANNUALS) available from DPC DATA on an annual subscription basis. You can search these online databases for the documents you need, and download them or order them for physical delivery in paper form. Material Event Notices filed are also available on this site for immediate download.


Speed Search

Enter an 8- or 9-digit CUSIP number for the security you want to research in the Speed Search box and click 'Submit'. A pop-up window containing hyperlinks to all of the documents currently on muniFILINGS.com that pertain to the CUSIP number you entered will appear. Click on any document hyperlink to check out and download your document.

If you want to search by criteria other than CUSIP-8 or CUSIP-9 (e.g., state, name, date, document type, security, etc.), go to the Document Center and select the document collection you wish to examine.

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Prospectuses and Escrow Documents

When you order prospectuses and escrow documents from this site, we automatically include any document amendments in our collection that pertain to your order free of charge. Our aim in doing this is to provide you with the most complete and accurate disclosure information possible. Our prospectus and escrow document collection grows daily at the rate of new bond and note issuance in the market, and the collection available at this site is updated throughout the day to reflect the documents received by DPC DATA during the day.

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Municipal Financial Statements and Continuing Disclosure Reports

The financial statement and continuing disclosure document collection on this site is augmented daily, and is currently growing at the rate of approximately 2,000 statements per month. Financial statements in the collection include both annual statements and interim statements. The vast majority of annual statements are audited. When available to us, we have included entire Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs).

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Material Event Notices

The current day's material event notices are updated on this site as they are received by DPC DATA. From the home page, you are able to view the headlines of the two most recent material event notices, and you can download the PDF version of an entire filing by clicking on the hyperlink. You can also search the entire material event notice archive and download all prior material event notices.

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Creating Save Search :

Once you have conducted a search and obtained a result set, the search can be saved by clicking on the save search button located at the bottom of the result set.

Once you click on the button, you will be asked to provide a name for your search and save it.

Accessing a Save Search :

Saved Searches can be accessed by going to the MY ACCOUNT tab and selecting the Saved Searches option.

On the Saved Search page you can click "Run" to look for documents matching the criteria in that search. This saves users the time of having to enter all of the search criteria again.

To Saved Searches

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Creating your MuniGUARD™ Portfolio:

Each MuniGUARD™ Portfolio requires a name and can be set up either by CUSIP-8, by Issuer or by Obligor.

Once a MuniGUARD™ Portfolio has been established, we will send you an automated email notification when a document is uploaded to the database matching your criteria. This service provides a highly efficient means to monitor credit event affecting your portfolio in real-time.

Accessing your MuniGUARD™ Portfolio:

MuniGUARD™ Portfolios can be accessed through MuniGUARD™ menu item under Search Tools on the right-hand side of each page on MuniFILINGS.

Portfolios can be deleted by clicking on the Delete button next to the Portfolio of interest.


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